Best Gay Dating Apps

| 9th April 2015

A must on your holiday adventures!

You probably know most of them but in case you don’t, here’s a review of THE gay dating apps you need to consider getting if you want to meet someone close to where you live or while traveling. It’s not only about sex ;), you can also go on an interesting date using these! The world is moving on and going to a gay bar or club is no longer your only option. Now you should use a dating app!

Great to use while traveling, this app has 7 million guys in 192 countries. The app has a new feature called “Tribe” where you can specify your preferences as to who you are and who you’re looking for! It’s a quick way to get to know someone close to you as well as when traveling. You can block and save guys. Must be 18 to use it.

In places that Grindr and other apps fail, Planet Romeo is what you should get. You will find plenty of gay guys in Europe and South America using this app as it is most popular there. The interface might not look as good and the app might not be as quick as Grindr but since it might be the only option in some places, it is still great!

Available in many languages, this gay app offers the option of public and private photos as well as viewing profiles with multiple pictures. It’s great if you want to make research before you take a trip. You can view hot guys anywhere in the world and has an easy interface.

Focuses on finding gay bears near you! Over 4 million gay bears are using it and you can look for bears anywhere in the world. Not only can you send pictures and messages but this app also includes voice messages!

Works in multiple languages but it is more popular in Asia. It’s not as obvious as Grindr with focus on sex as it offers the options of listing things that interest you, like books, movies, music, etc. We recommend it especially if you’re planning on being in Asia’s gay capitals.

The gay dating app with the highest amount of downloads is Blued as it exceeds Grindr downloads by 5 million! While Grindr is more popular in the US, Blued is the biggest app in China with 15 million downloads since its launch in 2012. It is similar in design to Grindr and it keeps getting investors from around the world!

Atraf is the most popular gay dating app in Israel’s financial center, Tel Aviv. It is not as big as the other apps but if you’re planning on going to Israel, Atraf is what you should get! They also have a lesbian dating app called Atraf Girls.


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