Bucket List Destinations

| 12th August 2015

Travel is something most of us dream about on our bad days. Holidays help us relax, give us unforgettable memories and great knowledge. Studies show that planning our holidays alone gives us positive reinforcement. Planning trips is a great way to prepare but we also encourage you to take spontaneous trips as surprises often lift our spirits greatly.

There are plenty of destinations to choose from depending on your criteria. However there are some places on our beautiful Earth that everybody has to consider! This is our list below:



Madagascar - Experience rainforest, beaches, desert, lemurs and plenty of recreational activities. Many species are unique to Masagascar and even though it is part of Africa, it feels more like south-east Asia.

South Africa - We've made a detailed guide to South Africa, click here.

Giza, Egypt - the Pyramids and the Sphinx among other treasures were built thousands of years ago by the ancient Egyptian civilization is more than enough reason to go to Egypt. However, there is still turmoil in those parts of the world so make sure to do your research before you decide to go.



Bangkok, Thailand - Click for detailed guide here.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam - a perfect mixture of a vibrant city with countless of bars and attractions opposed with tranquil incense infused temples and historic sites.

Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea - this part of town is perfect for nightlife. Definitely the most LGBT friendly part of the country with one area called the "Homo Hill" is influenced greatly by Western culture. However, South Korea's original and traditional culture is only a while away.

Palawan & Sagada, Philippines - Palawan is perfect for exotic food and nature lovers. The city has a very small population making the nature ever so powerful allowing you to experience an unspoiled environment with pristine clear waters and plenty of recreational activities. Sagada, on the other hand, attracts tourists with its caves, rice terraces, beautiful mountains and the ancient funeral custom of hanging coffins off of cliffs.

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan - You must've heard of the Shibuya crossing where vehicles are stopped from going in any direction and pedestrians can fill the entire space. Often compared to Times Square in New York, this part of Tokyo will bewilder you with huge TV screen lights and neverending crowds. It is also the most popular part of Tokyo as most of the parties and events take place there.



Berlin, Germany - Read our great guide here!

Monaco - Plenty of historical and modern attractions, the marina filled with luxurious yachts and cruise ships, casinos, Formula 1 Grand Prix, need I say more?

Montpellier, France - less commercialized part of France where you could really feel like a local rather than tourist. Romantic gardens and architecture, great beaches and beautiful scenery.

Mykonos, Greece - Click for the guide.

Rome, Italy - Ancient beauty, centuries-old architecture on any corner of the city. The gay scene has a lot to be desired but there is a street where gays and lesbians go to at night called Via di San Giovanni in Laterano and the street is often called Rome's "Gay Street". Especially in summer, the street gets filled with people and it's certainly worth visiting!


North America

The Bahamas - This is what paradise must feel like. Azure waters, silver sand, palm trees and a great climate. You can go sailing, diving the blue holes, kayaking and much more.

Montreal, Canada - our guide.

Palm Springs, California - the highest concentration of same-sex couples in the US. The city also hosts annual events, such as the Greater Palm Springs Pride Celebration in November with Palm Springs Golf Classic, Stonewall Equality Concert and a Broadway in Drag Pageant. Known for its hot springs, golf courses, spas and luxury hotels. It relies heavily on tourism which makes it a great destination!


South America

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador - these are not another paradise islands as most people imagine it. Some are just vulcanic shells and there are more inhabitants than we think. They are getting more accustomed to tourists, however, this is still one of the places where human touch hasn't changed the surroundings too much and the wildlife will astonish you!

Machu Picchu, Peru - the biggest treasure of the Inca civilization, and the largest tourist attraction on the continent. Surrounded by cliffs and mountains, this historic city is the most important site in Peru where you can also experience great festivals and delicious food. Even though the citadel of Machu Picchu is the biggest reason to go to Peru, there are plenty of other historic sites to be witnessed.

Punta del Diablo, Uruguay - used to be a small finishing village and then became a big tourist attraction for Uruguanyans and Argentinians. More and more foreigners come to visit this summer spot for it's architecture, beaches and nightclubs.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Click for the guide here.



Great Barrier Reef, Australia - over 2 thousand kilometre long, this underwater heaven is the world's largest coral reef system that can be seen from space off the coast of north-east Australia. If you've ever dreamed about scuba diving, this is the best place to do it. The diverse and colourful underwater ecosystem, warm waters and fantastic resorts will make your trip unforgettable.

Australian Desert - the Outback Desert is becoming incresingly popular with tourists for the magical open spaces, coloured sands, unique flora and fauna and as a variation to the urban environment of the cities.

New Zealand - one of the best hiking (or as the locals call it "tramping") destinations on the planet with breathtaking mountains, glaciers, volcanos and geysers and countless unique species like the flightless nocturnal kakapo parrot.

Pitcairn Islands - known for its history with the infamous mutineers of the Royal Navy ship Bounty who burned and sunk the ship in what's now called the Bounty Bay. One of the last mutineers, John Adams, colonized the island converting its inhabitants to Christianity. The last remain of the British Empire on the Pacific Ocean is a great place to go for scuba diving and snorkelling on coral reefs and shipwrecks. There's a big event every January 23rd called the "Bounty Day" celebrated with a big community dinner and burning of a model of the Bounty.

Fiji - another paradise island is perfect for surfing lovers. Golden beaches surrounded by palm trees and pristine waters are not the only attraction though. Head to one of the cities on the island and experience the unique experience only Fiji has to offer.

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