The LGBT Islands

| 7th July 2015

The Greek island of Mykonos is one of the most popular gay destinations. This small island is filled with bars, hotels and clubs catering to LGBTs mainly. There are also plenty of beaches but not all are exclusively gay. Skiathos is another Greek island closer to the mainland. It’s only 4 miles wide with nude beaches. It's more gay friendly without any specific gay areas and popular with families.

Ibiza is the party island of the Mediterranean sea. With great climate all year long and party season in June. Mallorca, Ibiza’s sister island, is also a gay friendly party island.

Fire Island has been a popular gay destination for years just two hours away from New York. Cherry Grove and The Pines are the two gay villages with a straight-friendly atmosphere.

Many gay weddings are performed in Hawaii in luxurious hotels and beautiful surroundings. Honolulu is where you go to party and to relax head to Kauai or Maui.

Iceland might be a surprising destination but if you want something else than the beach splendour, Iceland has geothermal spas and offers a wonderful winterland experience. There’s a Pride Parade in August, Bears on Ice in September, specialized tour agency Pink Iceland and a diverse gay scene.

Cuba is an interesting LGBT destination as the gay movement is headed by Fidel Castro’s niece and current president’s daughter Mariela Castro. Havana has a large gay scene and even though there is still homophobia, any persecution is illegal.

Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island with a European feel, has recently legalized same-sex marriage. There are many gay bars in San Juan and the Condado beach has a gay section. Curaçao is another Caribbean island off the coast of Colombia that belongs to the Netherlands. The island promotes its gay tourism and has a lot to offer for the LGBT community.


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