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Chillin’ Shark Privacy Policy

RS Travel Worldwide takes care of personal data of its clients and follows the laws of protection of personal data. This policy grants safety and protection of clients’ privacy.

§1 General

  1. The following Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) is a part of Chillin’ Shark Website Service usage on the website on the World Wide Web (“Rules and Regulations”, “Website Service”).
  2. Privacy Policy determines rules of privacy and data processing of the Website Service Users based on 29th of August 1997 law about the protection of personal data (“Law”).
  3. The Website Service is lead by RS Travel Worldwide Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) with headquarters in Gdańsk, Dmowskiego Street 3, 80-243, registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register lead by the District Court 0000550816, with tax identification number NIP 9571077779 and share capital in the amount of 5 000.00 PLN (“RS Travel”). RS Travel is an administrator of personal data collected, processed and used when using the Website Service by Users, including mediation by RS Travel during the reservation process by the Website Service Users of hotel services provided by the travel service provider cooperating with the Website Service and additional services offered by those travel service providers (“Reservation”) including particularity when accepting and processing by RS Travel of payments for the travel Website Service provider made by the Users due in the Reservation.
  4. Through the Website Service, the user may order hotel services provided by the travel service provider cooperating with the Website Service (“Hotel”, “Hotels”, “Travel Service Provider”) and additional services offered by Hotels or Travel Service Provider (hereinafter referred to as “Hotel Services”) and thereby result in conducting a contract of providing services between the travel service provider and User.

§2 Personal Data

  1. When the Website Service is used by Clients, the personal data belonging to Clients, persons using Hotel Services or travel service provider may be collected and processed by RS Travel based on the Reservation. In order to access the travel service provider’s offer presented on the Website Service (“Offer”) and to make a Reservation of services included in the Offer through the Website Service, the Client is required to provide personal data or data of the persons using the Services of the travel service provider based on the Reservation, and offers provided by travel service providers or Hotels. RS Travel is entitled to process collective information about the Website Service Users or persons using Hotel Services based on the Reservation and Services provided by travel service providers or Hotels to them.
  2. Personal data provided by the User or persons using the travel service provider’s Services based on the Reservation are necessary to complete the Reservation including the acceptance of payment to the travel service provider and therefore conducting a contract between the User and a travel service provider. RS Travel collects data provided by the User during the registration process of the User in the Website Service or when the client undertakes actions when making Reservations of Services under the Offer of the Website Service.
  3. Through acceptance of the Privacy Policy, the User acknowledges and agrees that in order to receive the Reservation made by the User, including receiving and processing of payment by RS Travel from Users to travel service providers, and to consider complaints following the Rules and Regulations, and for marketing purposes, RS Travel collects and processes personal data of Users according to the form of registration in the Website Service and in the forms of the Reservation of the Service. When checking correct, separate boxes in the form of the Reservation, the User exclaims and agrees for collecting, processing and using by RS Travel and chosen according to the Reservation Hotel or travel service provider, personal data provided by the User necessary to: (i) give the User access to the Website Service, (ii) create a Reservation through the Website Service and forwarding personal data of the User who made the Reservation to the travel service provider, (iii) acceptance and forwarding of payment made by the User from the Reservation to the travel service provider, (iv) provide Services by the travel service provider or Hotel, (v) for market research purposes, behaviour and preferences of Users, adjustment of the Website Service offers, creating collective image of Users and advertisement, for statistic, administrative and accounting purposes. The User acknowledges and agrees especially that when making payment by the User with a debit/credit card, RS Travel processes the following data: name, last name, debit/credit card number, expiration date of the card and the security number. By checking correct, separate boxes in the form of the Reservation, the User agrees to have his/her data collected, processed and used by RS Travel and RS Travel partners (including third parties) necessary for marketing purposes.
  4. RS Travel is the administrator of personal data of the Website Service Users. The personal data is forwarded to the relevant travel service provider from the Reservation to which the User gives a consent. At the same time, when making the Reservation, the User agrees for his/her personal data processing by the travel service provider in order to conclude a contract for providing Services with the User and providing  Services included in the Reservation. The personal data necessary for marketing purposes are forwarded to third parties cooperating with RS Travel to which the User gives a consent.
  5. Providing personal data is voluntary, however, it is necessary to use the Website Service and to make a Reservation of Hotel or travel service provider Services including acceptance and forwarding by RS Travel of payment from the User to the travel service provider and to consider complaints indicated in the Rules and Regulations.
  6. The User has access to his/her personal data and can alter the data according to article 32.
  7. In the case of the User making a Reservation indicating natural persons who are using the Services of Hotels or travel service providers based on the Reservation, RS Travel is also an administrator of these natural persons and processes them according to the conducting of the Reservation in the Website Service following the rules indicated in the Privacy Policy. Natural persons whose data is processed by RS Travel have the right to access and alter their data. RS Travel informs that any data of such natural persons is provided by Users. The User is required to (i) acquire consent from these natural persons to process their data by RS Travel, (ii) inform them of their right to access and alter their data, and (iii) when requested by RS Travel, provide proof of having fulfilled these commitments. These persons have the right to (i) present a motivated demand to cease from processing of their data because of a special situation, (ii) to present an objection to processing their data when RS Travel intends to process them for marketing purposes or forward the personal data to another data administrator.
  8. The User can access and alter the data through electronic mail by sending a message to

§3 Cookies

  1. The User’s data may be collected by cookies.
  2. Unless the User turns off the cookies, it can be assumed that he/she agreed to place and storage of them on their devices. The User may disable the placement and storage of cookies through the web browser. The process or disabling cookies depends on the web browser used. Disabling cookies may cause errors in the Website Service and during the Reservation.
  3. When using the Website Service, text files (cookies) may be stored on Users’ devices and their purpose is to facilitate the access and usage of the Website Service to the User and to research the preferences and behaviour of Users in order to deliver personalized content in the Website Service and to improve the functioning of the Website Service. The data is collected by cookies also for statistic purposes.
  4. What are cookie files?
    1. Cookie files are small text files which are stored by Your web browser. They include a collection of information which are saved on Your computer when You open Chillin’ Shark Service available through (RS Travel). During each visit, the files are sent back to the service from which they were taken or to another which distinguishes the cookie file.
    2. Cookie files are useful because they allow the Website to recognize the User’s device on a subsequent visit on Chillin’ Shark Service. We want to know which categories You frequent more than other thanks to which We can work so that Our offer and the way it’s presented perfectly suits Your expectations. You give us the knowledge about how we should improve and what your expectation are.
    3. In no way do cookies damage the system on Your computer, saved files or intentionally have a negative influence its functioning or performance. The identification occurs impersonally, anonymously and they are the only data concerning the method and form of the Website Service usage.
    4. The following policy regarding cookies is an integral part of the Privacy Policy of Chillin’ Shark Service.
  5. Different kinds of cookie files.
    1. Within the Website Service, there are two major types of cookie files:

      session cookie - temporary files stored on Your device until You log out of the Website Service or turn off Your software (web browser);

      persistent cookie - stored on Your device for a time specified in the parametres of those cookie files or until You remove them.

    2. Depending on the purpose of using of RS Travel Service, the following cookie files are used:

      Required cookie files - necessary for swift navigation on the Website Service and accessing all of its functions. The agreement to using such cookies of the User is not required.

      Efficiency cookie files - collect information on the way of accessing the Website Service by the User, ex. most frequented websites or messages about errors. They do not collect information which identify the User. Their purpose is to improve the Website Service.

      Functionality cookie files - save the choices (if he/she makes any choices) made by the User (name, language, region).

    3. Depending on nationality - of the administrator of the Website Service who manages the cookies:

      Individual cookies - placed directly by the owned of the Website which was visited,

      External cookies - placed by external subjects whose website components were induced by the website owner.

  6. The cookie files may be induced by the administrator through scripts, components which are located on the partner’s servers placed in another location - another country or even in a different legal system. In the case of the administrator inducing the website components that come from outside the administrator’s server, different cookie policy standards may occur from the privacy policy of administrator’s website cookies.

  7. Do “cookie” files contain personal data?

    The personal data collected with cookie files may be gathered only for certain purposes to the User. Such data is encrypted in a way which is impossible to access by unauthorized persons.

  8. The removal of cookie files.

    The standard software used to access websites by default allows the placement of “cookie” files on the final device.These settings may be changed to block automatic management of “cookie” files in the settings of the web browser or inform about each transfer to the User’s device. The detailed information about possibilities and methods of managing “cookie” files is available in the settings of software (web browser). The restriction on “cookie” files usage may affect some functions available in the Website Service.

§4 Google Analytics

  1. In the management of the Service, RS Travel uses Google Analytics, an analysis service about the viewing of websites provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies. The data collected with cookie files by Google Analytics (including Your IP address) are forwarded Google and stored on its servers in the USA. If the server anonymizes IP addresses, the User’s IP address will be cut by Google on European Union territory or other country of European Economic Area before the address will be sent to the USA. Only under special circumstances will the User’s full IP address be sent to Google servers in the USA and cut there. Google will use this information in order to evaluate how the User navigates around the Website Service, to create reports about the traffic on the Website Service for the service operators and to provide other services related to traffic on internet services and internet usage. Google will not connect User’s IP address with any other data in his/her possession.
  2. The User agrees to have his/her data processed by Google when using the Website Service in ways and purposes described above in act 4. The User may prevent Google from collecting data from cookie files and processing them (including IP address) by downloading and installing certain applications on his/her devices.
  3. Google’s privacy policy is available to Users through the address:

§5 Safety Regulations

  1. RS Travel implemented adequate technical and organisational means, which are consistent with the law, requirements ensuring safety of processed personal data.
  2. Especially by encrypting, RS Travel ensures the safety of the integrity and confidentiality of personal data forwarded through the internet.

§6 Receiving Unsolicited Marketing Information

  1. By checking correct, separate boxes in the Reservation form, the User declares agreement to receive unsolicited marketing information about promotions and news available in the Website Service and other sent by RS Travel on Our behalf or ordered by Us to the email address given by the User during the Reservation process including after he/she no longer uses the Website Service. This agreement mentioned in article 1 may be changed at any time.
  2. By checking the box in the Reservation form mentioned in article 1 above, the marketing information will not be sent more often than once per day. In the above mentioned information on the frequency of sent messages to Users does not include messages about Reservation confirmation or other information related to Reservations.
  3. The User may cancel receiving further marketing information through email by clicking a link which cancels the receiving of marketing information and is on the bottom of every email message (“Cancel Subscription”).


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